April 24, 2019


Changing Environments: Grand Rapids Art Museum focuses on how the world around us is changing

“In a separate environmentally conscious exhibit, artist Melanie Daniel envisions a world on the edge of destruction because of overconsumption and trashing of the natural world.”



Collaborating with Kids for a Green new World

“The project has been beneficial for both the students, as well as Daniel herself. Through thinking about current issues, communicating unique ideas and making art, they developed a sense of stewardship for their surroundings. The installation reflects how the students exhibited empathy and made serious connections between their generation’s actions and the natural world”



Offering: The Art of Environmental Education

“Kids of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds are learning together about their role in the natural world”

 http://lanthorn.com/60473/news/campus/offering/May 2018


Editors' Picks: 15 Art-World Attractions to Seek Out in New York This Week -

"For her fourth solo show at the gallery, the artist presents narrative paintings packed with psychedelic hues and papier mache sculptures of fantastical plants. Daniel introduces viewers to “a desolate sun-drenched paradise in the near future” where characters attempt to reconnect with nature and rebuild their world."



"The total effect is strangely dark yet effervescent—a wink and a smile in the midst of catastrophe. The images of resistance, including arson in response to the corporate greed of companies like ‘Nastle’ in Guerilla Ice."



"While the artisans in Daniel's worlds relay lessons on how to manage in this imminent future, her fiery compositions and brushwork offer a brilliant chroma that invites the viewer to enter a transformational and inventive makerspace."



March 2018

Interview for CulturedGR

“Landscape painter of weird narratives” to discuss international inspirations during GVSU event

Artist Melanie Daniel, Grand Valley State University’s current Padnos Distinguished Artist-in-Residence, will discuss her work and past projects during a special presentation at Grand Valley’s downtown Pew Campus on March 28.


Article in Holland Sentinal:


May 2016

Preview in TelAvivian, Alison Roberts, April 15, 2016, Cabin Fever

Review in ArtPulse Magazine N24 Vol 7, 2015, Megan Abrahams, Melanie Daniel: Piecemaker Shulamit Nazarian

May -June 2015

Interview with John Seed on Huffington Post - Melanie Daniel: 'Piecemaker' at Shulamit Gallery, Venice Beach, 15/31/2015.

MUST SEE Shows Edition, Rhinohornartists, June 10, 2015. 

Venice Art Crawl, LA Art Party, Chris Carr, June 1, 2015. 

Spring 2015

Piecemaker: Opening reception May 21 June 27, 2015 @ Shulamit Gallery, LA. 

Feature in LA's Yo Venice about Piecemaker. Piecing Together Radically Different Cultures, May 15, 2015, by Brenton Garen.

Thanks very much, Adam Zucker, for inclusion in "Connecting Figures: New Humanism in Recent Figurative Painting", rhinohornartists.wordpress.com, April 24, 2015.

Chelouche Gallery at Art Brussels, Booth 3D-10 Prime. 24-27.04.2015

Recommendation in Lady Globes for my upcoming show at Shulamit Gallery, LA. 

Winter 2014

Girls' Club is a private foundation and alternative space established in 2006 by Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz. I'm excited to be part of a group show with wonderful artists including Chantal Joffe, Hernan Bas, Dasha Shishkin, Sanford Biggers, Nicole Eisenman, Mona Hatoum and more!

Opening Reception: Friday, November 7, 2014

The Moment. The Backdrop. The Persona. is an examination of the uses of narrative in contemporary art by women. The exhibition of works in drawing, painting, video and new media reveal the continued power of storytelling in art today, and the myriad forms it takes.



Fall 2014

Welcome to my new site: www.melaniedanielartist.com

Please check back now and then as it will be continually updated with rotating selections of new works and projects. Thank you for visiting!

Press for my most recent solo show Lotus Eaters at Asya Geisberg Gallery:

Fantastic review by Daniel Maidman at the Huffington Post!

Recommendations in the New York Village VoiceArtsyJewish Week and Artis